Stories Less Spoken

Episode Five: Empty Spaces

February 14, 2021 Cole Kelly and Mandie Bumble Season 1 Episode 5
Stories Less Spoken
Episode Five: Empty Spaces
Show Notes

Love, love, love.  Given that we are so close to Valentine's Day for our fifth episode, we at Stories Less Spoken thought we'd better give it some air time.
In two incredible stories, which are very different from one another, we explore love in the empty spaces that it leaves, and that it creates.

In the first story a couple doesn’t see eye to eye on how to get rid of ants in their home… and more than insects are becoming apparent in the cracks of the foundation.

In the second story we go down a lonely and dangerous road with our protagonist as they fill the empty space a lost love has left.

Pest Control, Angela Caravan
Performed by James Mills

Pennask Summit, Finnian Burnett 
Performed by Megan Greenwood